Great Software for Publishing Electronic Books

In October, 2002, I launched my first internet published electronic book, which has become a very popular decorating book on the web. I had no prior experience with internet publishing. The thought of how to go about it was rather frightening, to say the least. But I was convinced that I could make some very good money over the web if I could write and publish my own electronic book.

So you can imagine how relieved and happy I was to discover that a very successful internet publishing "guru" had paid out several hundred thousand dollars to develop a software program that would easily house my electronic book, make it possible for me to launch it through my website, then make it possible for my customers to read it after registering it. And since I was rightly concerned about copyright infringements over the Internet, I happily discovered that this software would make it possible for me to sell copies of my ebook without the fear of people taking the file and making copies to give away, or worse yet, take my hard work and sell it themselves. I had heard about that kind of piracy before and I didn't want to fall victim to it.

Imagine being able to prevent your material from being stolen. And also imagine having the ability to zap the electronic book away from anyone who asks for a refund, just by clicking a "deactivation" button. This technology is absolutely perfect because it totally, well as totally as is humanly possible, protects the author in every way!

So I immediately purchased the software, and as soon as my electronic book was written, I proceeded to set up my software to manage the registration process. It works beautifully, I might add.

So if you're already an internet publisher, or you want to get into this type of web business (which I heartily recommend), then do yourself an immense favor and consider getting the right type of publishing software to streamline your business and protect you at the same time. Click on the link below and you can read all about the software from the people who created it.

Best Internet Publishing Software on the Planet

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