Tips on Web Publishing and How I've Made $16,000 Per Month With a Computer

Ok, let's say you definitely are interested in creating your own web publishing business - that is, all except for the topics you will write about. This was my first dilemma. I had an extensive background in design and graphic arts, but I wasn't sure I wanted to put all my secrets to pen and paper. As you would expect, I thought I'd just be creating a huge number of competitors, which I erroneously thought would hurt business rather than help it.

Boy, was I wrong!

It's so easy to forget just how many people there are in the United States, or for the world, for that matter. In the United States alone, there are millions and millions of people - way too many to worry about competition. So forget about that aspect. It just isn't an important factor.

Concentrate On Your Strengths

Instead, concentrate on what you have to give to society that a niche market, a smaller group of people, would love to learn about. Whatever you have done with your past, whatever experience you have garnered, whatever expertise you have gained, I can almost guarantee there are plenty of people who would be willing to buy the information from you in order to save them time, save them frustration, save them from making mistakes, earn them money, earn them a more fulfilling life - or whatever. So all you have to do is write it down. You don't even have to do that yourself, as there are people you can hire to do it for you, though I think it's much better if you do it yourself.

So ask yourself, what can I teach others in a book? It doesn't have to be a long book. Many people will pay top dollars to get information from a concise report or white paper. Naturally, it has to be very valuable information that they aren't likely to find anywhere else. So what can you share? Make a list. I'm betting you'll be amazed at what you can come up with.

But if you're really stumped, you can create a measure of expertise by finding 5 books at your local library on the same or similar topic. Read them thoroughly. Then summarize the material, in your own words, and you'll have something you can market on the web. Naturally, you'll probably be more successful if you "experience" your new found expertise, so that you are promoting your book from a stronger position, but it is a way to get your new publishing business off the ground without having to wait years to build up "experience" first.

For a list of 104 businesses that are currently hot, that you could write about, click on this link:

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