Tips for Marketing an
Internet Newsletter or Book

The best, most cost-effective, method for marketing over the Internet is by email - not spam (we never advocate spam mail) - but by sending email to your opt-in list of subscribers - those people who have chosen to hear from you in some way that is beneficial to them. These will be people interested in the type of products and services that you sell or recommend. To build a list of subscribers, you first have to offer a newsletter, ezine or other informational product and provide a sign up form for them to give you their name and email address. This is how they give you permission to email them periodically with additional information, special promotions and such.

I've been collecting subscribers since I first launched my first web site and have been sending them a monthly newsletter ever since. Not only does this establish and maintain goodwill between me and my subscribers, not only does it allow me to help them on a more personal level, but it increases my chances of selling them products and services over and over again, while automatically building my web site into a more valuable resource, which gets me better rankings in the search engines.

This is why I am so excited about a brand new ebook, written by the foremost wizard of email promotion. Just look at some of what this guy will teach you:


  • How to grow your opt-in list like crazy -- even if your site gets NO traffic! The idea that "I can't build my list because I don't get enough traffic, but I can't get enough traffic because I don't have a big list"... is a MYTH! And I'll show you why...

  • Discover how I used one e-mail promotion to earn $74,000 -- with only 20 minutes of work -- and how you can easily model my success!

  • Discover the 3 BEST DAYS of the week to send mail -- and make sure you never send on the WORST day... Knowing the best time of the day, week, and even month to hit "Send" is the best way to make sure your promotion doesn't flop for all the wrong reasons!

  • How to start a wildly profitable paid-subscription newsletter using the same strategies we use to generate over $50,000+ every month. Learn how much you can charge, and what kind of content you can charge for, and what can only be given away for free!

  • What are the formatting secrets that will maximize your readership and sales? Do CAPITAL LETTERS really produce more sales? When should you use bullets and bolding... and when will these tricks damage your sales?

  • How soon can you e-mail a promotion to a new subscriber WITHOUT offending them? It's a proven fact that each subscriber needs to be contacted an average of 7 times before they'll become your customer... So what should you send during those initial 7 contacts?

  • Five E-mail Marketing Case Studies of online businesses making between $100,000 and $2 Million per year, using e-mail marketing as a major component in their online marketing campaigns.

  • Discover how ANYONE can write killer e-mail promotions that sell like crazy -- even if you're not a writer! Writing promotions and salescopy is a science, not an art... and with the right formula to follow, you can produce the same results as the high-priced copywriters who charge more than $500 an hour!

  • Discover the TEN Hottest Ways that ANY business can make a profit from e-mail marketing in the next 48 hours -- guaranteed.

  • Outright STEAL my list of "Top 30 Subject Lines"! I'm going to let you get your hands on my PERSONAL list of my all-time favorite winning subject lines that are proven to attract your subscriber's eye and get your e-mails opened...

To get more specific information on this great training available to you right now, click on the link below:

Email Secrets I Recommend

For information on his software program that will make all of the above super easy, visit the link below:

Best Email Marketing Software to Skyrocket Your Profits

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