Automate Your Business So You Can Relax on the Beach While Watching Your Bank Account Grow Exponentially!

After I finished writing my first electronic book, called Decor Secrets Revealed, and I had the right software to "house" the file and allow my customers to register it with a username and password, I then wanted to make sure I had the appropriate software that would automate all my procedures for me, so that no matter what day it was or what time of day it was, when an order came in, my computer would automatically process the order, send the client the download instructions, and handle all of the details for me, even while I'm asleep. So whether I am enjoying my back yard, or relaxing on the beach, traveling to another country for pleasure or whatever I'm doing, my clients are being served instantly and professionally.

Let me tell you, that now, after 3 years in the business, making over $16,000 per month, having my business automated from the beginning was one of the best decisions I ever made. Naturally, the question on my mind at that point was whose software program should I acquire to do all of this for me? Well, I was so happy with the people I was already connected with, I decided to go back and get their custom designed automation software. I wanted software that would integrate seamlessly with what I already was using.

Here are some of the benefits and features that their software product offered.

  • It acts like a mail server, so I can custom design each of the filters that tells the system what to do with my mail.
  • All of my clients, no matter what product they order, are instantly sent an email message pertaining to their order. If it is an electronic book, they are sent instructions on how to download the files, and each are given the custom username and password assigned to them that will allow them to uniquely register their copy.
  • I can make the auto response messages say anything I want them to say and change them whenever I want. A big, big plus.
  • I don't have to worry about paying some outside service to handle it for me and share my profits with them.
  • I don't have to wait for someone else to make changes for me.
  • And I can send out follow-up emails to my client list whenever I want. That's a very important benefit.
  • And since I offer two free monthly newsletters, my software needed to handle all of the mailing details of that process for me too and keep one database separate from the other one.
  • It separates the list afterwards, depositing addresses that were delivered successfully from those that were undeliverable. Since there are many reasons why an email might not get delivered, it's important to have the failed addresses distributed into a separate log.
  • I can structure my lists any way I want.
  • I can personalize all of my letters, instructions and newsletters so that my clients feel as if I wrote it directly to them. With so much email spam, it's very important to be able to personalize everything.

Believe me, this software program is amazing and it sure has made life easy for me, giving my clients timely responses, and giving me the freedom to use my time to "build" my business rather than "run" my business. That's a really, really important aspect. If you really want to start and build a highly successful business, whether on the web or offline, you need to be able to spend the lion's share of your time "marketing" your business, not "doing" the business. So I really appreciate the freedom that this automation software gives me. It's worth every penny and much more!

Some people think that they'll just start out and get the automation later. But that would be a mistake, let me tell you. It's much easier to put things into position on the front end than it is to go back and redo things later. What a hassle that is. So if you can at all afford to acquire the software now, do it now. You won't be sorry.

Go right now to this link and get yours before there is a price increase:

The Automation Software That Helped Me Make $16,000 Last Month

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