One Secret to Creating an Internet Fortune: Start an Affiliate Program and Let Others Market Your Products and Services for You!

Imagine getting your bank statement and being totally surprised by the amount of money in your account. Imagine what it would feel like to know that you really didn't do much of anything to generate it. Imaging have hundreds or thousands of people out there promoting your products and services for you, and you don't have to pay them a cent unless you make money.

Where else but on the internet can you have thousands of people endorsing you and your products or services and you don't have any worker's compensation insurance to pay. You don't have to monitor what they do. You don't have to give them paid vacations. There're just out there promoting you. All you have to do is collect the money and send their visitors the products ordered. Once a month you cut checks to your affiliates who have earned you a healthy income.

There are plenty of affiliate programs around that you can sign up for and they will manage your affiliate program for you. And for many this will be the proper answer. But the downside is the amount of profit that they extract from you and the fact that so much of the process is out side of your ability to control.

So if you are interested in setting up your own affiliate program, where you have all the control, and where you don't have to share your profit with a 3rd party, then consider getting your own software to automate your affiliate program, just like I did.

I purchased the software program that my marketing guru trainer developed. Since I wanted all of the same type of benefits that he did, it didn't make much sense to buy something else. I'm glad I did.

This software program not only will do all of the tracking for you, it will track sales that your affiliate partners' affiliates generate too. This means you'll stand a better chance of attracting top ranking affiliates because they will be paid on the second level sales as well as the top level sales. Top level sales are those that they generate themselves. Second level sales are those that are generated by affiliates to the program that they generated.

So you see they can earn commissions on two levels, not just one.

To make it even better, the developer of the software will provide full on-going support for free and assist you every way possible to set it up. Check it out and then decide what's best for your business.

AssocTrac Software: Affiliate Program Extraordinaire

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